About Us

Manuel Agostinho Loureiro da Cruz, founder and only administrator has begun very early his work in the constrution world, more precisely in the specialty of concrete structures. He managed teams in Germany and Luxembourg for more than 13 years (till 2003) responsible for erecting large buildings like Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Factories, bridges, etc.


In the year of 2004, going back to Portugal, he decided to open the company that he still owns, “Manuel Agostinho Loureiro da Cruz Unipessoal Lda”, more known as “Agostinho Cruz Lda”. The company, nowadays, has a turnover of around 1 million euros (around 800.000,00£).


The company Agostinho Cruz Lda has more than 40 employees, between formwork carpenters, ironworkers, masons and bricklaying workers, being specialized in all kind of work in the traditional masonry construction, with specialized teams for concrete structure’s.


Nowadays, the company is working not only in concrete structures, but also in all kind of work around the traditional masonry construction (brick layering, clinker, etc).


As of 2011, the company started its activity in France, remaining in this market to the present day. It also started the activity in Germany this year, where he performed some work, mostly dwellings, an activity that will continue to develop next year. Also, the company its beginning its activity in the United Kingdom market.